Entrepreneur/Freelancer Second Brain Notion Template

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Unlock Your Potential with the Purrtimate Entrepreneur Second Brain Notion Template!

Are you an entrepreneur or freelancer overwhelmed with daily tasks? Do you need a personal assistant but can't afford one? Worry no more! This Notion template is your purrrfect solution for staying organized and efficient.

Why Choose the Entrepreneur Second Brain Notion Template?

  • Bright and Funky Design: Enjoy a vibrant interface that makes planning your day enjoyable.
  • Vision, Mission, and Values: Keep your business's core principles at the forefront.
  • Yearly Goals Overview: Easily access and track your goals quarterly.

  • Quick Navigation Links: Find everything you need in seconds.
  • Automated Task Management: Tasks automatically disappear upon completion, keeping your to-do list clutter-free.
  • Kanban Board & Calendar: Visualize your tasks for better time management.
  • Daily Non-Negotiable Habits: Track and maintain essential daily routines.

  • Accessible Assets: Keep your brand's colors, fonts, logo, and voice readily available.
  • Automated Invoice System: Track payments, send reminders, and manage late payments effortlessly.

  • Bill Tracking System: Never miss a payment with an intuitive system showing active, canceled, and pending bills and due dates. (Know when you see those unhappy "cactus" (aka, pesky bills) ravaging your account!

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That simple!


  • You strive for increased productivity.
  • You're tired of missing payments or paying for unnecessary services.
  • You need an efficient way to remind clients of due payments.
  • You want to organize your business for success.

Will You Update This Template? 

Yes! I will, but not often! You will notice hidden with a toggle. If you keep it, you'll notice the changes there.

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Last updated May 30, 2024

A Notion template for entrepreneurs and freelancers with automations that track tasks, habits, with a CRM, invoice tracking system, and costs (bills) tracking system

Vision & Mission Statements Reminder on Top
Check your Values & keep them in mind while you do business/ create your projects
Track your goals by quarter
Quick Links will help you navigate everything faster
Automated Tasks with completed, kanban board & calendar
Daily habits tracking your non-negotiables
Automated CRM to know when to contact clients
Easy see your projects and those of your clients (with a kanban board and a calendar)
You assets are easily reachable and available for your needs
Automated Invoices to see who pays on time and who needs a reminder
Trace your Costs (and bills!) knowing when they renew, if you need them, if you cancel them + calendar
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Entrepreneur/Freelancer Second Brain Notion Template

0 ratings
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