Ultimate Social Media Calendar Planner, Strategy & Competitor Analysis Notion Template

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Do you need a successful social media strategy to earn money online from home? Do you need help in setting up your social media presence?

Worry no more! If you don't know how to begin or what to track, this Ultimate Social Media Calendar Planner will help you understand how to succeed on social media. Plus, it comes equipped with a competitor analysis template for you to see how your brand stands compared to others.

With this Notion template, you will:

  • successfully plan all your posts across your chosen social media platforms
  • create a strategy for your social media presence
  • monitor your competitors and see what works & what doesn't so you can take advantage of hidden opportunities
  • understand what works for you!

Do I need to understand a lot of Marketing, to begin with this template?

Nope! The template has the basics you need to track, so you can naturally know how to move around!

The trick is to complete all sections in the matrix. If you haven't done a competitor analysis yet, just create a new brand and check all the sections so that you'll see magic happen.

Do I need to use the platforms suggested in this Notion template?

No! You can choose the social media platforms that are best for you! The list below just includes some of the most common ones and some of the ones I use and love. You will also notice "blog" in the pot. Having a strategy for your blog and what reflects on your social is a great strategy!

Do you use this template?

Yes! This is the template I use to plot my social media. It helps you massively when you're starting or when you need to change something. It's also great when you need to start from scratch!

You'll notice it has a very funky design. I like to brighten my day while working, so that's why I like this type of colors and vibe.


  • You need your social media strategy at a glance
  • You need your post strategy on point to earn money online from home
  • You love using Notion templates
  • You need to understand what your competitors are doing on social and how to beat them.
  • You want a social media strategy that wins!

This is a Notion Template

You can copy the whole template to your Notion account, and you will have access to it and all the updates, too.

You can create a free account on Notion (or a paid one - affiliate) if you don't have one.

You'll notice some icons at the top right of the Notion course. To copy the course to your Notion account, use the one between the magnifying glass and the three dots.

That simple!

I want this!

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Once you purchase this template, you can access it and its updates.

Last updated Jun 9, 2024

Social media planner x strategy + competitor analysis notion template

Your social media strategy at a glance
Easily set up your plan for each of your social media platforms
Monthly post planner view
Track what works & what doesn't (tracker)
Competitor analysis at a glance
Competitor analysis by social media platform
Short explanations on how to use the template
You'll get updates to this template
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Ultimate Social Media Calendar Planner, Strategy & Competitor Analysis Notion Template

0 ratings
I want this!