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Quirky Tarot 101 - Magic is in your Hands

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Connect with the Cards of the Tarot

Connect with the cards of the Tarot in an easy way by learning their mysteries one by one. In this course, we’ll take a look at each card of the Major Arcana, and then the pip cards of the Minor Arcana while journaling our way through them.

Tarot can be used not only for reading the cards, but also to get creative. However, connecting with the symbolism of each of the cards is paramount so that we can use their magic for our creative endeavors.

Magical Images

Not all the Tarot decks have the same exact images. That’s great news since they’ll inspire us in different ways. In this course, we’ll use these decks:

  • The Muse Tarot [Affiliate Link] It’s a modern Tarot based on the Rider-Waite deck. It looks very fresh, but I must admit that cards have metaphors depicted and it might come up as a little bit difficult at the beginning.
  • Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot [Affiliate Link] This one is basically the Rider-Waite deck with fantastic colors.

I love them both because of being go similar and so distant at the same time. Because one is more traditional than the other, they enable me to being able to connect with other decks that might fall in their between (design-speaking).

You don’t need to get any of this decks for the Tarot course. Please choose the one that feels more suitable for you, and follow the prompts and guidance in each lesson.

Write Stories in your Journal

The key of this course relies on you journaling your way through each of the Tarot cards. Choose a notebook and a set of colored pens. It’s important for you to write (or draw) about each of the cards. Creating your own stories around them will be the key for your deep connection. Then, magic will appear as if nothing once you get familiar with all of them.

I personally love writing. That’s why journaling is magical to me. However, you can choose to create something else with the magic and meanings of each of the cards. The idea is to take one card and create something that reminds us of it:

  • Write stories
  • Draw similar images
  • Take a walk and take pictures that will connect with it
  • Or do any other creative project that will fulfill your quest


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who is interested in the Tarot and would need some guidance.
  • If you don’t feel too confident with the cards.
  • If you just want to support dePepi and also discovering a new world of Magic.
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38 PDF files and 25 VIDEO files that explain all the cards in an easy way :)

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Quirky Tarot 101 - Magic is in your Hands

0 ratings